Dynamica Acustica

Dynamica Acustica srl, is a recent start up founded in 2015 covering the patent of an automatism of an electromedical device, related a long lasting study concering a non invasive therapy called frequencial sonic therapy to treat emicrane, insonnia, stress deseases and amoung the non organic functional deseas, the threat of tinnitus, a very difficult deseas to be threated.

These deseases are frequently threated with drugs in auto therapie way, with a conseguences of high expenditure and no results, and

tossicity for health.The mai advantage of starting a frequencial sonic therapy are :
. easy and can be threated at home
. non invasive , customized plan of therapie
. cost effective

The frequencial sonic therapie is operated by Doctor Pisano since 3 years with a procedure , customized for each patient, with remarkable results relating to the reduction of the deseas of tinnitus combined with emotional, psycoloigcal, and biological.

Whereby with deseas like insonnia, stress, mood deseas the result might be considered around of  80 % .

Targhet of Partner Sought: we are looking for a medical furniture company to agree alicence /  patent agreement, and develope further improvement of the therapy.